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Blackstar Corporation

Possible Headquarters of Blackstar as seen in the promo video
  • Blackstar created Godseed, believed to be the cause of a major catastrophe wherein Milwaukee (potentially much more) had to be destroyed
  • According to Todd at the MTC, they are heavily involved in 'advising' the government.[1]
  • Mike Russo describes them as a semi-private corporation, involved in the rebuilding and revitalizing of Milwaukee. He also states that they are currently hiring.[2]
  • The Blackstar Merger referenced in A Reasonable Haven occurred in AD 2003, DOR 4 (or ACT 3) [3]

Blackstar Incentives

According to page 11 of A Reasonable Haven, Blackstar offers a number of incentives for people who relocate to Milwaukee:


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  3. MARH, inside front cover ACT/DOR timeline (see also: History)
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