Central Park Event

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Central Park Event

  • Prior to January 17, several Unfiction participants arrange to meet at the basketball court revealed in the the assembled map
    Those confirmed to be in attendance:
    • Relia
    • TheRyuujinMike
    • BostonBeats4
    • TreasureHunterN
    • Big T

The anticipated day shows up for the unknown event scheduled for 3 PM EST. The Milwaukee enthusiasts assemble at Central Park. Eventually, Joey shows up. The day is cold and snowy, but that is not enough to deter the event attendees. Joey hands out postcards and family trees amidst chatter about Milwaukee. He also hands Relia a Champion Dynasty Fund trophy, which holds an incredible amount of strength despite its small stature. After a recent power outage, Blackstar has initiated an attempt to form a power board to control the power of Milwaukee. He mentions the possibilty of Godseed fragments being released into all sectors. The mayor of Milwaukee is revealed to have no real power.

A flock of geese slithers through the overcast sky, and Joey reveals the importance of the V formation to counter the Power Run, along with shouting, "Bonus!" while holding a family tree. Workers may take any appearance, including one that may disguise their true nature. Joey decides to lead the assembled group on a brief walk, where he mentions that the key to effectively utilizing the Champion Dynasty Fund trophy lies in the wielder shouting, "Bonub!" at the target.

Everything is interrupted when Worker is spotted from across the clearing--he is the only man in Central Park wearing short sleeves, and indeed he is decked out in a buttoned-down collared shirt and slacks. Joey quickly huddles the allies behind a tree and distributes family trees to everyone, readying a counterattack to the anticipated Power Run.

Sure enough, Worker throws up his forearms and begins to run, when Joey's heroes return the offensive with a volley of, "Bonus!" Worker stumbles, dazed momentarily, arms flailing. He manages to raise one forearm and brace himself in a square walk against the role-players, when Relia shouts, "Bonub!"

Worker is knocked to the ground. He senses imminent defeat, and hastily retreats, showering Joey's crew with dollar bills and fleeing. Joey yells at the Unfiction members to figure out the meaning of the cash as the chases Worker, shouting, "Bonus!" as he leaves the scene.

The participants obey, noting the markings on the money that indicates a code. Using A Reasonable Haven to decode the message, the Havenites quickly work out that Mars Madison finds herself in too deep at Blackstar, and their next clue lies at 888 8th Avenue in New York City.

After a brief period of travel, the Unfictioners arrive at an ice cream parlor where--much to everyone's surprise--the three young professionals from the original YouTube video (seen hanging with Terry Nanny) are gathered around a chocolate milk shake, giggling. Upon seeing the approaching crowd, they announce their departure and the beginning of the 2nd phase. They leave the protagonists with a small booklet, revealed to belong to none other than Mars Madison.


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