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Green shapes, curved lines.


A Golden Map.jpg

Seen in the TIMM video near the end.

From the transcript of the Video/Promo:

Terry Nanny: Milwaukee was filled with hope when Blackstar came to town. They promised jobs, jobs for everyone. Their money fixed roads and opened hospitals. When Blackstar announced Project Go.D.S.E.E.D., even the mayor didn't question it. Blackstar said we needed a new god, so we began to build. We were so busy finishing the project, we didn't notice nature withering around us. We never asked to whom this new god would pray. We had to destroy Milwaukee--to save it--and the survivors buried the remnants of Go.D.S.E.E.D. in a sarcophagus deep beneath the Canning District. It was their hope that this pharoah's burial would keep him asleep for all times. No expense was spared: an emerald casket, a golden map, a forgotten weapon?


Some theories (not exhaustive list, nor are all listings mutually exclusive):

  • flood map
    • of local Milwaukee area
    • of nation
  • map that fits with US map via rotation
    • possibly showing active/destroyed areas
  • polar or spherical projection (or otherwise some warping) of an originally rectangular map
  • map of lakes near Milwaukee (or given previous drop location, perhaps NY,NY.)
    • instead of lakes, perhaps a topographical map showing some other elevation
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