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Milwaukee: A Reasonable Haven

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(Problems continued)

widely regarded as an absolutely terrible idea due to the
difficulties inherent in re-seating, to say nothing of the
sheer level of chthonic energy produced by the rotor

But all of that is lollipops and porkchops compared
to the threat of M-collapse. This little-spoken-of con-
tingency becomes a likelyhood during superspin com-
manality of at least 80% of active rotors in the metro-
politan area. The data tables tell a tale more grim than
mere words dare:

(image) data table

The way into the doleful city.
right page
(Problems continued)

(image) data table

Simple ... and direct.

(image) unusual graph

A long walk.


The top "data" row in the p26 table matches the 3,6,9,15,27 numbers that people (teens in particular) are told to travel in.

The "A long walk" graph is similar (after some size and scale changes) to one in a paper that also has links to the p26 table's axes. [ref to Zeek17's post]

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