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Milwaukee History


At various points, events are described as taking place in one of three 'eras' (similar to BC and AD):

  1. DOR (Dormant era)
  2. TRO (300 Troubles)
  3. ACT (Active era)

Many of the items listed below can be found in the inside front cover of "Milwaukee: A Reasonable Haven"

Dormant era

TIMM Event IRL Event
DOR 300? Voltaire activated 1707? Voltaire's 13th birthday was November 21, 1707. That's when he became a teen.
DOR 250? Declaration of Independence 1757?
DOR 200 "the use of turbines was well-established"[1] 1807?
DOR 180 "replication of the compass"[2] 1827?
DOR 123 Debussy wins Prix de Rome 1884
DOR 57 Birth of the Cool 1950
DOR 27 "'Me Decade'...'Ultimate' Warrior"[3] 1980's
DOR 18 Fall of Berlin Wall 1989
DOR 4 Blackstar merger 2003

300 Troubles

  • Believed to represent a period of 300 days [ref]
TIMM Event IRL Event
TRO 0 300 Troubles begin? 2007?
TRO 132 Ethra killed in Peoria siege ?

Active era

TIMM Event IRL Event
ACT 3 Mayors League founded ?
ACT 3 Duluth-Decatur trade route ?
ACT 4 Treasure Hunters begin arriving in Milwaukee & settle down near North Gate [ref] ?
ACT 5 Blackstar merger ?
ACT 7 First copyright of Milwaukee: A Reasonable Haven

Wichita gets a hockey team expansion[4]

ACT 9 Wichita connection ?
ACT 10 Latest publication of Milwaukee: A Reasonable Haven ?


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  4. Jamesi's call with Mike Russo
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