Rupture Classes

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Rupture Classes

First I asked about the rupture signs. He said that the rupture ratings were a collaboration between the government, Blackstar and said something about... "Tate McMillan"? It broke up a little. But it went through a lengthy development process and was accepted by the Mayor's League eventually. Basically they designate the type of rupture the buildings protect against, and indicates defensive capabilities if they're present. Some of the symbols were down to the whims of the graphic designer and some indicate "forgotten or unknown languages". They range from A-Z, with A being virtually no protection, and Mike thinks he might've been in a W once, but lower levels apparently aren't that common.

Instances of Rupture Class Signs occur at the following times in promotional video:


  • Class C, Rupture Radar: 1:31, 10:21
    • Wall seems broken, one wave in the direction of wall.


  • Class G, Rupture Resistant: 4:47
    • Solid wall, two waves in the direction of wall.


  • Class K, Rupture Reductive: 6:23
    • Solid wall, one wave in direction of wall, one wave in direction away from wall.


  • Class L, Rupture Rally: 6:28
    • Solid wall, one wave in direction of wall, two waves in direction away from wall.


  • Unknown Class, possibly Z: 7:37
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