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According to Mike Russo, Febrizzio's has a long-standing rivalry with Blackstar. Now that he no longer works there, he eats at Febrizzio's frequently.


  • the Museum Center's in-house cafe and grill, offering hamburgers, lasagna and the vegetarian option, french fries

According to page 11 of A Reasonable Haven, FeBrizzio's offers a number of incentives to their employees.
Adults - seasonal employment opportunities
Teen - Teen Dinner Time! coupon booklet
Former Resident - Former Resident Pack
Family - Family Pack
Polyskilled - FeBrizzio's Sword of Slaying
Powerclass 40+ - Franchising opportunity
Special - FeBrizzio's Airshio life-time pass
Note: FeBrizzio's offers a Sword of Slaying and an Airship lifetime pass, which may become handy in this adventure.

FeBrizzio's Homme

  • provided Terry Nanny's clothing for the "This Is My Milwaukee" promo video.

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