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New York Library deaddrop, November 26

(BigT's account of the New York City deaddrop, mirrored from TIMM pbwiki)

  • Watch the video of his excursion here: on youtube
10:30am - I photoshop a print-out of a "family tree" and attach it to my white camera bag

10:40am - I head out to the library. Adrenaline running through my veins

10:46am - I arrive at the library. There's a guy at the top of the stairs that is looking at me with an interested face. I walk in his direction... In my mind I'm rehearsing my response in case he asks me about a flare gun. I reach the top of the stairs, and he looks away and stares into the distance.

10:46-10:56am - I stand at the top of the steps. It's raining a little bit, and in my excitement, I forgot to bring an umbrella. No big deal, though. Actually, I'm kind of glad for the weather. It just made me more noticeable... a tall guy with a black coat holding a bag with a picture of a fennel bulb taped to it. As I stood, I took some pictures of the signage at the library. I found one of them interesting because of the jazz references in the movie.

10:56am - I ask some tourists to take my picture (I figure nobody's coming by this point). I tell them it's for "a project".

11:00am - Doors to the library open!

11:02am - I'm in the doors. Security guards are checking bags. I have my video camera in my coat pocket just in case they check my camera case. The security guard sees me and my camera case (which is actually a lunch box) and says, "Oh, is that just your lunch?" "Yeah, well kinda." He lets me pass without inspection.

11:03am - Up the stairs. I tried to videotape the whole experience for you. I checked out the online maps, so I had my exact route planned. It's my first time in the NYPL. Very beautiful inside!

11:06am - Made it to the Rose Reading Room, South Hall. My heart is pumping really fast now!

11:07am - Now, I was prepared to have to apply for a library card or show my id or something. Nope. I was also prepared to have to ask a librarian for help finding the book. Nope. I found it right away. In fact, when I get the video posted, you'll see how easy the book was to find and...

11:08am - The book is about as big as a small dictionary. I popped open the book (after taking several photos) and it's a huge index of magazines, I guess. And... YES! after ruffling the pages a little bit, I find a note tucked inside under the letter "M". Indeed, the note was in the page for "Milwaukee"


Leave this in the book &
return it.

The note is folded in half inside out and kind of glued together like the glue on the back of an old manila envelope. Kind of hard to explain. I couldn't unfold it without ripping it, and it really seemed like it was not intended to be opened up.

Seeing as how they also instructed the reader to return the note and book, I doubt there's any kind of "lemon juice" message encoded into the paper. But, I could be wrong about that.

All in all, a most excellent adventure. I've read about ARG's before but never been involved in one myself. It was the coolest feeling in the world walking back from the library!
NYDrop-1 Arrival.jpg
NYDrop-2 Label.jpg
NYDrop-3 Access.jpg
NYDrop-4 Insert1.jpg
NYDrop-5 Insert2.jpg
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