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Milwaukee: A Reasonable Haven

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(Milwaukee: A History continued)

will never invent a machine that travels under the sea."
The Dinosaur Viceroy was given to such statements.

Magnetism also played a rĂ´le [sic]. By DOR 200, the use of
turbines was well-established. It was a technology man
would soon steal - and with the replication of the com-
pass in 180, the playing field was finally level.

(diagram) flip-top, pointing (assumedly) east. N=pterodactyl, E=triceratops, S=brontosaurus, W=stegosaurus

"An early compass"
right lower page (torn)
submarines. So while no one can be sure, it seems cer-
tain that man's freedom from the dinosaurs coincided
with the advent of the Brass Age.

Which brings us to DORs 27 through 18 - the "Me
Decade." With the so-called "Ultimate" Warrior's refusal
right upper page (obscured)

Moving to Milwaukee is more than just a fun adventure - it's money in the bank. Here's a sampling of what the successful traveler stands to gain, just by relocating:

  • MTC: Gender-specific rebreather
  • (Blackstar): 1000 DD (Dark Dollars)
  • FeBrizzio's: Seasonal employment opportunities

  • MTC: Teen-specific rebreather, skateboard
  • BS: 250 DD
  • FeBrizzio's: Teen Dinner Time! coupon booklet

Former resident:
  • MTC: "Welcome Back, Pard'ner!" gift basket
  • BS: 5000 DD, 2 years Blackstar housing
  • FeBrizzio's: Former Resident Pack

  • MTC: 2500 DD
  • BS: (none)
  • FeBrizzio's: Family Pack

  • MTC: MTC Clearance Card Red
  • BS: personal luncheon with Terry Nanny
  • FeBrizzio's: FeBrizzio's Sword of Slaying

Powerclass 40+:
  • MTC: Personal luncheon with Anna Tate Mellon
  • BS: Blackstar Sword of Slaying
  • FeBrizzio's: Franchising opportunity

  • MTC: Hyperboard
  • BS: Big Key
  • FeBrizzio's: FeBrizzio's Airship lifetime pass

(handwritten notes)
(red) why are we allowing Febrizzio's [obscured]


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