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Glossary in Brief


300 Troubles

  • Mentioned by Mike Russo - it is still unclear what this means.
  • Noted in MTC Publication "[Miwaukee: A Reasonable Haven]" as a period of time abbreviated as TRO. It is unclear how long each TRO lasted.
  • An important date during the Three Hundred Troubles is 132 Ethera killed in Peoria siege.


Blackstar no Blackstar

Canning District

  • Go.D.S.E.E.D. was buried deep beneath this part of Milwaukee.
  • A place to go for a good time after work - where the "Streetcar Shuffle" was invented.
  • Is portrayed in the video by the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Champion Dynasty Defense Fund

  • set up by Blackstar to aide in developing other means of protection against the Godseed fragments.

Dark dollars

  • The main form of currency in the new Milwaukee
  • Supposedly exchangeable for other, unspecified currencies

Family trees

  • Another name for a fennel, a recurring symbol in ThisIsMyMilwaukee materials/lore
  • Taken from the (alleged) Voltaire quote, "Plant your family tree in the soil of the arts," which appears in the promotional video and accompanies the image of hands planting a fennel in dirt
  • Referenced in phone calls with members of the Milwaukee Tourism Commission, who emphasize that "they belong underground"

Flare gun

  • The recommended weapon for use against Godseed Fragments.
  • Available in different sizes - larger ones do more damage.
  • Provided for new residents to Milwaukee, along with Rebreathers.

Flax Seed

Go.D.S.E.E.D. Fragments


  • A real mystery. Mentioned in a briefly shown piece of text in the Promo video.
  • Many callers to the MTC and Mike Russo have asked about these, but their purpose and nature is still largely unknown.

Project Go.D.S.E.E.D.

According to Terry Nanny in the "This Is My Milwaukee" promo video, Project Go.D.S.E.E.D. was started as "a new god", though at least one of its purposes was to provide energy for the city [1]. The project failed and had to be destroyed. It was eventually buried underneath the Canning District.


Rupture Classes

  • These appear multiple times throughout the Promo Video
  • Range from A (least protection) to Z (highest protection)

Sector 21


  1. from a call with Mike Russo - "although through a braintrust between Blackstar and MTC they're looking into using them as an alternative source of power for the city (since Go.D.S.E.E.D. failed to provide that)."
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