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Mars Madison

Milwaukee Resident

  • Recently moved to Milwaukee from Wichita
  • Does contract work - "freelance repair/tinkering"
  • Has a Facebook account (link)
Sidebar message:
hi there. i'm mars, 25, new to mil. looking to meet new people, pretty shy (maybe not shy, but kind of introverted). i don't really like talking about myself, but when i'm around enough friends, i feel a little more comfortable.
Birthday on facebook account used to read "October 9, 1986" as of December 4th, 2008. On December 5th, 2008 the birthday was changed to simply read "October 9th." It is unclear whether this was a clue that the game was taking place in 2011 or simply a mistake.
  • Mars is African-American [1]
  • Machinist who is a freelancer [2]
  • Single
  • Calls herself a loner/antisocial [2]

Dec 10, 2008

  • Mars does not know who Chuck Jagoda is. At 12:44 PM Mars sent Chris Menning the following message on facebook.
"chris, thanks for the headsup. don't know who chuck jagoda is, but i wish i had been a little wiser about the rebels when i moved here.."
  • Mars sent the following message to Lipps Leroux via Facebook.
    lipps, i think i'll take you up on your offer. can you talk later today?

Jan 17, 2009

February 20, 2009

  • Mars has posted the following message via Facebook status:
    Mars Madison is uh-oh.


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Email with kyuurijanaidesu, Dec. 05, 2008
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